Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letter of the Week

Twizzler had been struggling to learn his alphabet and phonics. I have been teaching a letter of the week all year but he did not really grasp it. Not too long ago I found this amazing website, No Time For Flashcards.  In the Letter of the Week section there are a bunch of great ideas on projects to do with each letter of the alphabet.   There are some more ideas HERE. Check out the links if you are going to be introducing phonics to your preschooler anytime in the future.

We have been using this idea for the past month and Twizzler is picking it up wonderfully. Last week our letter was K. We made a Kangaroo, a King, and I made this one up on my own. a Parquetry Kite. It was 2 projects in one. I drew the Letter K out and then cut a few Triangles in different colors. He had to put them together the right way to make a kite shape. At the bottom I wrote, "K is for kite."

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