Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Thank you to Fatima from Fur Lined Toilet Seats who came up with the idea of Saturday School Show and Tell. I love the idea of summing up our week homeschooling.

This week in Math Skittles on fractions. We used the Head of the Class lessons which went well with his Learning Horizons workbook that my Mom bought him last year! It is a fun workbook.

Meanwhile Twizzler worked on the number 7 all week. He is finally starting to grasp the abstract symbols represent a number value. Also his one to one correspondence is improving.

In Literature we finished up our study on Aesop's fables. The kids LOVED it!!! I loved the morals!!! I am going to be sad returning that book but alas, we have to move on. We also read My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson.

In Language Arts Skittles worked on Contractions. I was not sure how it would go but again I used a mix between the Head of the Class lessons and a Learning Horizons workbook. Head of the class has worksheets to go along with all of their lessons but I already had the workbook pages so why use ink printing off their pages?

Twizzler  worked on the letter J this week. I got the idea on how to make letter pages from No Time For Flashcards. This week we turned our J into a jungle, a jail, and a jet. They are marvelous phonics activities. Since we have been doing them the idea of phonics has really been clicking! I am so proud of him!!!

In Science Skittles read Ben's Big Shock! It is such a great book I blogged about it already. :-)

For Writing this week I switched things up a bit with Skittles. Every week I give him 2 story starter pages, and 2 practice writing sheets. He has been using some very creative spelling and grammar. This week I was reading more on the art of copywork and decided to change things a bit. While I still want to encourage his creativity, I also want him to write neatly and correctly. So, I have him narrate to me what he wants to say. During the narration I can point out punctuation, capitalization, and whether or not he is using a complete sentence. I then write his narrated story down and he copies it. The result this week was much improved!

Twizzler  worked on writing the letter J of course. He also traced some mazes and some letters on his dry erase board. BTW, I will have to blog about our dry erase board sometime...

In Social Studies we were quite busy this week. Skittles read Lewis and Clark Explorers of the American West by Steven Kroll. We also found the states that were explored during their expedition and added them to our Geography lapbook. We also watched a video about Groundhog Day. After the video, Skittles did a brief narration and Twizzler colored a page. I got all this stuff from Lesson Pathways Blog.

This weeks Computer sites were Xtra MathStarfallLiteractive, Leap Frog Connect which came with my son's Tag Reader,  and of course the Head of the Class.

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