Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

I have not done this all month. Time to get back on track. 

In Math we started a unit on money. This week we learned the value of a penny, nickel, and dime. We also did some adding and comparing. I got my manipulatives out of my purse because I think it is best to learn with the real thing. Twizzler used play money from the Dollar Tree though. I am just not ready to trust a 4 year old with my "vacation fund".

For Literature this week We finished reading Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne. Well I say "we'' but actually Skittles read it on his own. He only needed help with big words like hieroglyphics, sarcophagus, and etc. We tied this in with our History which was reading from the Mummies and Pharaohs Research Guide which is the companion book to Mummies in the Morning. Of course, you already know this

In Language Arts Skittles  learned about nouns. We discussed that they name a person, place, or thing. I spent the week walking around asking "Is Florida a noun? Is jump a noun? Is car a noun?" &etc. For Writing, he worked on forming the letters, Rr and Ss. Twizzler  worked on  phonics for the letter N. He drew a night sky on his N. We were going to do noodles on N and nails on N, but it was an easy sound for him and I got lazy. He had the sound mastered the first day. We worked on writing the letter. He has it in his name 3 times. He needed the practice. 

In Science we learned about snakes. I started to write all about it here but I have so much information I think I will have to blog about it separately

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