Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

 So it is Saturday and this is when I usually tell you what we did all week in school.... Of course we are on summer break. So what could I possibly have to share....

Monday morning when we woke up we went downstairs to our complex's gym to watch the final launch of the shuttle Endeavor. Once it was off of the launch pad we ran out the door and watched it from the deck. We had thought about driving the hour south to watch the launch from the Cape but it had been delayed so many times before that we decided to stay home. Apparently, there was a cloud over Cape Canaveral and so they only got to see the shuttle for 4 seconds and then it was gone!

Tuesday our homeschool group the annual graduation/promotion night. It was beautiful! The kids were so adorable.  They each were given a certificate with their name and grade on it. You could really see how proud they are and rightfully so. This year has been a blessing and a challenge. The mother of our only senior graduate this year gave the most encouraging spur of the moment speech. I am now more sure than ever that I can do this. We can do this. With the support of a fabulous homeschool group, I am certain that we can make it all the way through high school. 

Wednesday, I spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom. I cranked up the radio  and danced around the house singing and cleaning. It may sound crazy but it is very therapeutic to me. I bleached everything in the kitchen and bathrooms. Scrubbed the showers. I even dusted!

Thursday, we had a play date. It was so much fun. We played at home, at the park, at their home. My favorite thing about play dates is getting to hang out with another adult. It is even better when it is another homeschool family that are just plain fun to talk to and hang out with. It was great! 

Friday,  I took the kids to a birthday party at a bowling alley. It was so much fun. I always wanted to have a bowling alley birthday party. My kids had a blast but I can't seem to convince them to have a party there anytime soon.

This week was actually really relaxing. I am going to admit to you right now that we did not even crack open a single book this week. Well they didn't. I had some time to get some reading done though. I also got time to scrapbook, clean, and hang out with good friends.

Then came today! It is a good thing that I typed everything else up to this point on Friday because I spent Saturday at the Holy Land in Orlando with my church group! I can't even begin to tell you about the experience. I will have to blog about it on another day. Right now it is 12:30 Sunday morning and I am just getting home. So, I am going to bed. 

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