Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Okay, I confess everything, we didn't have school this week. I will give you a little update on things going on here at our household though...

Before I do, I have to ask, Am I boring you??? I have not gotten a single comment all week.  I think I am going to cry! Most likely not, but maybe...

I will be brief so you don't fall asleep during my update.

I spent all of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday watching stupid you tube videos resting my foot. The holiday threw me off and so I accidentally skipped church Wednesday night. OOPS!!!

Actually I got my curriculum for next year figured out. I had my Kindergarten curriculum done the first week we were out of school. That was easy though because I had already done it before. I had to really work on my 7yo second grade curriculum. I ended up pulling bits and pieces from just about every Charlotte Mason curriculum available. I am pretty happy with the outcome. I still need to come up with a scope and sequence though. For now it is basically just a book list.

I used my free time to design and implement my new chores system. Which I am happy to report is going FABULOUSLY! My hubby and I can't believe how clean our house is. Chores that used to take hours of screaming and threats have become 15 minutes of SILENCE! I can't believe how quiet they are when they are cleaning. And, for now at least, they take their assignments joyfully. My hubby remarked to me today that not only are they cleaning better but the boys are also not making as big of a mess during the day now that they are the ones cleaning it up.

Oh darn it! That one got a little long... Okay, I will stop but is it weird that my 5yo likes wiping down the toilet seat???

Oh ya and remember.......

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