Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sight Words

I know, I have not been updating very often. Nowadays, if I can write a new post once a month, I am pleased with myself. Sorry. I am so crazy busy with school work and baby stuff, I just don't really have time to get on and blog.

I am going to do my best to get on more often though. I have lots to share with you and lots more free worksheets I have made. Make sure you check out my Free Resource List. I am still updating it as I come across new items to add.

This week I was going through my 8yo's old Kindergarten files and I found a bunch of resources I had completely forgotten about. I think I will be adding them to my 5yo's weekly worksheets. Here they are...

Of course I am still using my vocabulary worksheet every week. Along with my sight words worksheets. 

I will try to get back here soon. The boys and I have been working on some fun lapbooks that I want to share with you. Also, I have made a very big decision regarding a bit of a curriculum change next year. Don't worry, I will try to get a Year 3 curriculum put together soon anyway.

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