Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week, I am thankful for...

  • ...a God who is faithful and keeps His promises.
  • ...countless friends and family who have cleaned my house, cooked me dinner, watched my kids, and just let me cry on their shoulder. 
  • I remember the days when a deployment meant going WEEKS without hearing from my Dad... My kids get to talk to their Dad daily. 
  • ...going a week without seeing any pests... SHUDDER. 
  • ...getting into a routine.
  • ...finding a fabulous new church.
  • ...3 healthy children.
  • ...a really good new dentist. 
There is soo much more that I have to be thankful for this week. I can't list them all. God is so good. I have spent more time with Him in the past 3 weeks than I ever have in my life. I truly understand what it means to praise Him through the storms. I am so thankful that He can use those storms to draw us nearer to Him.

It is the rain season here in Florida and after the last storm, we were walking our dog and my 8yo said, "Every storm has an end." I know he was talking about the weather but WOW... It is so hard to see through the rain when you are in a storm but every storm has an end. Praise God.

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