Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Speak Life

I did not want to even blog today. I could not think of a single happy thing to say. I spent a large chunk of the day crying for about a dozen reasons and not any of them probably needed to be cried over. The kids were all a bit off too. School was really difficult to get through for some reason. I even got some not-so-fabulous reports from their Awana leaders tonight. Then I was reminded why I started this blog in the first place. It is to help me to focus on the positive things despite the negative. So I did my very best to come up with a few positives.

  1. In history we read some more about the young Wright brothers and their sister. They enjoyed building things and employed their little sister to help them salvage parts for their inventions. 
  2. On the way home from church tonight we were listening to the radio and I heard Hershey singing along. He is getting so grown up. Every time Toby Mac said the word "life" Hershey said it too. 

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