Sunday, July 13, 2014

Letters to Camp

Today Skittles and Twizzler went to church summer camp. This is their first time going. It took me a week to get all of their bags packed. An experienced friend of mine gave me a tip to pack one outfit per day into a gallon size storage bag and label the bag with the contents. I also wrote their initials on every piece of clothing. They don't know it now but I tucked a little note in each bag of clothing so that they know I am thinking of them each day. I wrote things like, "Wear your biggest smile today. Have fun. Drink lots of water. Wear your sunscreen. BRUSH your teeth WITH toothpaste!" 

Then tonight Hershey and I spent an hour or so making special letters to mail to them. He drew Skittles a picture of an airplane and a scooter. He drew Twizzler a picture of him singing. They were abstract of course so I had to ask him what they were. He even decorated the envelopes with their favorite colors. 

I dug through the boys VBS  bags and found their invisible ink pens and secret agent stamps. I wrote them each a letter using the invisible ink and folded it up around the pen. Then I stamped the address onto the envelope and covered it with spy stamps. I addressed them from, "Secret Agent Mom" 

My house is quiet, too quiet. I am enjoying my time alone with Hershey but I do miss my big boys. 


  1. ha ha ha!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has to be specific {WITH toothpaste} I love it!!!