Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Charlotte Mason Resources

Charlotte Mason Education Education is more than just lesson plans and workbooks. Charlotte Mason method teaches "education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."

  1. Simply Charlotte Mason A full CM curriculum. I have to warn you that not EVERYTHING in the curriculum is free. As much as  I LOVE SCM and I DO... I think their history is a little weak and you have to buy a lot of material to get the full curriculum. Still there are a lot of great things for free like their Book of Centuries and Smooth and Easy Days.
  2. Old Fashioned Education If you are looking for a truly FREE and complete Charlotte Mason curriculum, look no further. EVERYTHING is here! Links to the books, weekly schedules, &etc. It is my favorite curriculum. 
  3. Ambelside Online FABULOUS, probably even the best Charlotte Mason curriculum. I like the weekly book lists. It is full of arguably the best living books that you can find. 
  4. Guest Hollow Fabulous resources for everything from curriculum to printables. I will definitely be using their copywork pages this year! 
  5. Charlotte Mason Help This is a curriculum created by a CM mom. I really like it! She has tons of ideas! Explore the whole site!
  6. Mater Ambellis A Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics.
  7. Secular Charlotte Mason place to look for non religious books to sub or add to a more religious curriculum
  1. Living Math living math story books
  2. Mathematics Enhancement Programme Fabulous and fun math program grades Kindergarten through 6th. This is the math program being used in the U.K. It is easy to use, has step by step lessons, and is very co-operative between student and teacher. Lessons are available in PDF form so they can be printed off from home. I downloaded the teacher guide to my Kindle so I can teach from the white board without having to read from the computer. The ONLY downside is that because the program came from the U.K. all measurements are metric, Which ultimately kids need to learn anyway. Also the money is in pounds and pence. They are easily translated to dollars and cents though. 
Living Books
  1. Project Gutenberg LOADED with the very best free books! I download them onto my Kindle but if you don't have a Kindle you can download them in PDF or HTML. Also Amazon recently released a FREE Kindle app for your PC. 
  2. Baldwin Project More great free books to read online. If you can't find a book at Project Gutenberg, try here. You can't download them but you CAN read them from your computer screen. 
  3. The Poetry Lover's Page GREAT for poet studies. I like to pick one poet to study for the whole year. Search for your poet and all of their works are available for you to print off and read. 
  4. Books Should be Free Free Audio books to download.
  5. Archive  More free e-books.
Copywork and Dictation
  1. copy work printable pages for copy work.
  2. Handwriting  More fully customizable handwriting worksheets. 
  3. Guest Hollow Customizable copywork pages. 
  4. Notebooking Pages MANY adorable themed notebook pages to go with any subject or book. 
  5. Notebooking Fairy full of ideas from how to make a notebook to how to fill it's pages. 
Composer Studies 
  1. Grooveshark perfect for composer studies. Type in the name of the composer you are studying and let the music fill your home for the next 6 weeks. 
Come back often as I will add new resources as I come across them. 

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