Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Park Day

We went to the park. It was the first time since I went back to work that Hershey and I were able to go to park day. Skittles spent the whole time playing with his friend. Twizzler and Hershey played softball with the BIG kids. When I say big kids, I mean most of them were teenage boys. I would not normally let my 2 year-old stand in the middle of a group of teenagers playing softball but these boys were so gentle. They had two balls, one that they were really playing with and one that they took turns tossing to little Hershey who proudly stood in the middle. He thought he was just one of the guys. 

We got MOST of our school done before park day. 
  • Twizzler is still looking for complete and incomplete sentences. Skittles filled in the blank by putting verbs into a short story. Hershey filled in a letter L and a leaf with bingo dotters. I got the page from 2 Teaching Mommies Tot pack about leaves.   
  • Skittles learned about rounding in thousands in math. Twizzler learned about adding in your head. 
  • In history we read about the Phoenecians and the Hittites. Then they wrote a little bit about them on their journal pages. 
  • In science we watched a video of a bird hatching from an egg.  all three boys sat around the laptop rooting for the bird to come out of its shell. When its head finally emerged they all celebrated. Then the older boys drew a series of pictures in their science journal to show how a bird hatches from an egg. 
  • Twizzler read Happy Birthday Danny and the Dinosaur to Hershey and me. Skittles read chapter 12 of Number the Stars for his book club.  

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