Monday, January 19, 2015

Bull Jumping

It was a good day for a Monday. The kids got school work done without much of a fuss. Hershey is doing great with his potty training. He is still having one or 2 accidents every day but he is starting to really get it. It is funny how each child is different. Skittles was 100% resistant of any kind of potty training until he decided on his own to do it. Twizzler was sooooo easy. I just told him he was going to start using the potty and wearing undies and BOOM, he did it. He had JUST turned 2 and could barely talk but he was fully potty trained in 4 days. And Hershey seems to be going about this the more traditional route. He is wearing training pants during the day and mostly making it to the bathroom with fewer accidents each day.

I am really tired so I am not going to recap everything they did today. just a couple highlights. 
  • Skittles said that division is easy, it is just grouping the number that you already have. 
  • We read about bull jumping on the island of Crete. Why didn't that sport make it into the Olympics?
  • In science they looked up different kinds of trees and sketched them in their journals. 
  • Hershey traced a line down a hill like a sled on his pre-writing page. Then he drew me a snowball (circle).
  • The kids learned a new move in their break dancing class. They both showed me it right away. They love to practice their moves. 

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