Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up Week 23

  • In Language Lessons, Twizzler finished copying his poem from last week and started to learn about nouns. Skittles studied a painting and then wrote a story about it. 
He was a shepherd in the field. One day the king came to him and said, "God told me to send you to Greece." So he set off. The first night he was very happy but the next night a bear ripped up his tent. Now he was tired and cold. The next night he gets there so he takes a nap. He was carrying bibles to Greece.

  • The boys worked more on their multiplication facts on the worksheets I made for them. 
  • Skittles picture study this week was "An Attentive Friend" by John Edward Cobbett. I have started having him write his copywork onto regular lined paper to get used to not having the extra lines. Twizzler's picture study was "Les Prunes" by William Bouguereau. I taught him that "les prunes" is French for plums. 
  • In history we read about Alexander the Great. I had Skittles write me a brief narration each day about what we read. I had Twizzler fill out a worksheet I made. There is one spot for a sentence and a picture for each day of the week. 
  • Twizzlers spelling words were all practicing the 'ou' sound. Skittles words showed the many ways to make the 'or' soundat the end of a word; aur, ure, er, and or. 
  • Skittles finished reading the books, Greek Legends and Stories by M.V. Seton-Williams. Twizzler read the story of The Three Wishes
  • Skittles is learning about Space this month. This week he drew a scaled version of the solar system on a roll of paper. He measured out the distances of each planet from the sun. Twizzler's new science book arrived today. He is learning about his 5 senses this month. This week he focused on sight. 
  • Hershey practiced cutting with his scissors a lot. Thankfully, thus far, he has only used them appropriately to cut paper.

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