Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scheduling and Planning

I am kind of relaxed with my planning. I tried planning out everything to a "T" before and it seems impossible for me. I use the library a lot and I can't guarantee that the book I want will be there when I need it. Also, we are very active in our homeschool group and sometimes field trips and other activities interfere with my perfect plans. I needed something more flexible. 
 I start planning a year in advance. I keep everything in a composition notebook. Each subject gets a page or 2. We study Bible, the arts, literature, science, and social studies together (not by grade). For grammar, math, reading, and writing I have to separate the subjects and grade. So I will have a math grade 2 page and a math K page. On these pages I list the areas of study I want to hit for the coming year and jot down all the resources I can use to meet those goals. So one page might look like this. 
  • Simple Machines
  2. Core Knowledge
  3. animated
  • Astronomy
  1. Core knowledge
  2. head of the class
  6. squidoo space lapbook
You get the idea. I do this for each subject. That was just my first 2 subjects. I have a much longer list. LOL. I spend about 2 weeks on each subject. I can always add to it and take away as needed. 
I go to my notebook every weekend and see what is next on the agenda. Then I gather my resources. I place all their upcoming work in their work binder
I have a blank planner sheet that I print off every Monday. Each child has their own. 

I fill in what they have done for each subject when it is completed. Then I staple this completed paper to the front of their completed work. That pack goes in an expandable file folder that I keep everything completed that year in. I keep the file for 2 years.

If you don't have the time to research a million different resources for each subject.. I totally understand. Check out Lesson Pathways. They have already done all the work. 

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