Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day

     Well today was Presidents day. We are celebrating all week. While school children across the nation had the day off, we started a new unit on Abraham Lincoln. We will also be discussing some of the other great presidents but mainly focusing on Lincoln. 

     I got a couple of free units from School Express on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. I plan on making things fun this week by making stove pipe hats and beards. Oriental Trader has a real cute kit you can buy but I think I can make these myself with stuff I have lying around.  
     Another fun idea is that I want to make log cabins out of pretzel rods and peanut butter for snack one day this week. We have Lincoln logs but it is so much more fun when you can eat your cabin afterwards. :-D
   For math we are going to be doing a lesson plan I got from Core Knowledge called Spare Change Presidents. I hope it is fun. 
We are reading a few books about Lincoln this week.
Here are some links to some more Presidents Day ideas...

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