Friday, March 4, 2011

Rocks and Minerals

Skittles just recently began to show an interest in collecting rocks. I found out when I was helping him clean his room and kept coming across rocks stashed all over the place. Coincidentally when I was a kid I collected rocks too and I still have my beloved rock collection box. It is a metal box that squeaks when you lift the lid. I treasured that box. At some point I carved my name into the inside of the lid. Actually I scratched it into the paint.  
All my rocks are long since gone and I used it to store other treasures through my teenage and college years. Until recently it held trinkets. Those trinkets are now dumped out into a drawer and Skittles has a home for his first collection. It is appropriate that the poem I chose for the past 2 weeks was My Treasures. Every kid needs a treasure box. 

So far Skittle's  collection consist of mostly landscaping rocks, sea shells, and a geode he broke open in his Science class at co-op. After all, we live in Florida and there are not too many rocks around here. If we still lived in Rhode Island we would have had a bunch of rocks to discover but not around here. 

I mentioned before that I got this Unit Study form School Express. I also got some great stuff from Lesson Pathways too.  I got it from the Kindergarten section but I did not use Pathways last year so this was all new to Skittles. Here were our favorite links.... 

There are many more where that came from. 

We also read some books on Rocks... 

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