Friday, April 29, 2011

Homeschool Group

I love my homeschooling group!!! I really do! I remember when Skittles was a baby I took him to Kindermusik and to library story times. Those groups were great for my kids but they were stressful for me. The other moms were competitive, cliquey, and sometimes rude. I felt like I was back in high school. 

When I started homeschooling I was really reluctant to join a homeschool group. I thought it would be the same. I homeschooled Kindergarten without a support group. It was not bad. We took classes twice a month at the local art and science museum. It was nice but it was kind of expensive. Also the class times and dates moved around. So the kids in the class changed often too. It was not stable enough to make friends. 

I joined Cafemom to get support online. It is nice to get advice and talk to other moms who are homeschooling too. One day I mentioned that I live in Daytona and another mom messaged me that she lives in Daytona too. She told me she was a member of a homescooling group that I should check out. We planned to meet at one of their meetings in the fall. It was summer and I took my kids to the library all the time. One day and I overheard a bunch of women in the corner talking. They said the word, "homeschool" 3 times. So, I finally decided to go over and talk to them. The woman I had met online was there. We talked a while about the 2 of the homeschool groups in my area. Then she told me that there was a third group that was meeting that evening at 7. It was a Christian homeschool group. 

I took my kids to my Nana's house and went to the meeting. I just showed up like a party crasher. We started the meeting off with a prayer. That was one of the first signs that I knew I was in the right place. Then the leader of the group explained all that they have to offer. 
  • Monthly meetings for support, updates, and etc. 
  • regular field trips
  • FPEA membership
  • holiday parties
  • weekly play group
  • weekly co-op
  • yearbook
  • social studies fair
  • Science fair
  • Night of the arts
  • end of the year promotion ceremony
I am sure there is more. This is just the stuff I can remember. The co-op sounded like so much fun that I registered my kids for classes on the spot. I even volunteered to teach an art class. Now a logical person would think I was nuts. I even thought I was a bit nuts but I have to say, I don't normally feel at ease right away. In fact, when I went to the other 2 homeschool groups meetings, I didn't feel at ease at all. But here, I felt at home. It was truly a God led experience. 

After a couple months with the group I began to wonder how I ever homeschooled alone. I don't know what I would have done without the friendship and advice I got this past year. I really went from being unsure about if I was doing the right thing and how I would ever be able to do it all the way through school. Now, knowing for certain that I am doing the right thing and I can certainly do this through high school. 

Next week is our last week of co-op before summer break. I have to say, I am feeling pretty nostalgic. We have made some great friends this year. It was not at all like going back to high school. It feels like a family. hmmm....??? Maybe we like each other too much to be like a family. 

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