Saturday, May 14, 2011

School's Out For Summer!!!

Originally, I posted this as a Thankful Thursday but I guess Blogger went down after I posted it and it disappeared!!! And as you can imagine, I am not to thankful for that. ERGH!!!!!!! I don't even really remember what I wrote. Maybe you read my original post and I am repeating myself. I have no idea. (fist in the air) "DARN YOU BLOGGER!!!!!!!!" 

Okay enough with that nonsense...

What I am thankful for, is that we finished school this week!!! YAY!!!!! Throws confetti, dances in circles, sings silly songs, like "school's out... school's out... the teacher let the monkeys out." 

On Monday, I told my 1st (Skittles) that it was the last week of school. He was so excited that he completed almost all of his Math work for the week in one day. On Tuesday, He finished his Math and almost all of his writing. On Wednesday, he completed everything in his binder. I never knew he could be so motivated. 

"Done." he said, "I am a second grader!" You know he is right. All this time I have been referring to my kids by grade. I did it both for anonymity and simplicity. Sometimes, I read a blog that says, "Jane did pages 45-56 in her math book and then wrote about the Declaration of Independence." But I don't know how old Jane is or what grade she is in so it doesn't help me. I figured that if I labeled my kids by grade it is easy for you as the reader to make the connection between grade level and activity. 

It was also kind of neat because my first born happened to be a first grader. Now that he is a second grader, if I refer to him as my 2nd will readers wonder if he is my 2nd born? Will they wonder, "What happened to her 1st?" Furthermore, My Pre-K (Twizzler) will soon be a Kindergartner. I am too lazy to type out Kindergartner in all my posts. Not too mention Google Chrome seems to think I have misspelled Kindergartner even though I checked it with Merriam Webster Dictionary.  Now my edit page is covered in red squiggly lines. I CANT STAND RED SQUIGGLY LINES! Plus, I am too lazy to figure out how to make the them go away. 

So, I decided to just label my boys by their ages. I have a 7yo and a 5yo. Can you believe that Google Chrome doesn't put squiggly lines under 7yo and 5yo??? Weird. Anyway, This will be easier too because my 5yo is not quite ready for full on Kindergarten work. Conversely, my 7yo is reading at a 3rd grade level. Since it is pretty common for homeschoooled kids to be at different grade levels for different subjects, using their age will be easier for me. I hope it is easier for you too.

*EDIT After transferring this blog over to 365 Days of Happy Homeschooling, I changed the names of my children permanently. You can check their ages on the sidebar. 

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