Friday, August 19, 2011


We are going out of town for the weekend. The kids were so excited they packed their own suitcases. 

Here is what a found when I opened my 5 yo's suitcase. 
  1. toothpaste
  2. toothbrush
  3. pants
  4. button up shirt
  5. toy boat
  6. 2 crochet blankets, AKA, bay bays
Here is what I found when I opened my 7yo's suitcase...
  1. toothbrush covered in toothpaste EWW!!! 
  2. stuffed moose
  3. stuffed dog
  4. stuffed owl
  5. toy boats
  6. 5T t-shirt (little brothers)
  7. 7T t-shirt
  8. pair of pants that were cut into shorts but never hemmed because I don't sew. 
  9. therapy blanket
Notice the distinct lack of UNDERWEAR! sigh... I better go repack these things before hubby leaves without us. 

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