Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week, I am thankful for.....

  1. A surprise 3D sonogram that showed us a healthy 10 week gestation baby. YAY! 
  2. My new Rx for Zofran was upped to 8 mg. I can keep food down now! I finally feel like a human being again! 
  3. Being able to take the kids to the pool 2 days in a row! 
  4. My Church's AMAZING new praise group!!!! 
  5. A good meeting with my homeschool group. So excited to start the new year!
  6. Seeing God do AMAZING things in my family's lives! He is SO good! 
  7. Watching my 7yo becoming a responsible and amazing young man. Everyday this week, he woke up early and got something amazing accomplished. One day he cleaned his room, another he started his school work on his own, today, he made us all breakfast in bed! Waffles! I am so proud of him!
  8. Hearing my 5yo beginning to sound out words! He is still trying to be mommy's baby though. Sometimes, we just need a long cuddle in the middle of the day and I am thankful for those too!
God has truly blessed me this week! What are you thankful for???

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