Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joys of Boys...

Someone asked me recently, "What do you love about being a mom of boys and what do you NOT love." 
I do love...
  • ...that my boys take care of me.
  • They help me carry in the groceries.
  • They save me from household bugs. 
  • They carry out the garbage.
  • They walk the dog.
  • Hair care is so easy, just give them a buzz cut once a month. 
  • They are easy to please.
  • They make friends easily and rarely fight.
  • They don't hold grudges.
  • They love to build things. 

I don't love...
  • ...that they can get dirty anywhere.
  • They climb on EVERYTHING!
  • Frequent trips to the ER.
  • Boundless energy when we can't go outside.
  • There are legos ALL OVER MY HOUSE!
  • Boys are gross! LOL
  • fart and burp jokes. *sigh*
  • wrestling matches on my living room floor.
  • stains on new clothes.

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