Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vocabulary Worksheets

A friend of mine recently shared with me how she teaches vocabulary. She uses this really great worksheet that she got from The Notebooking Fairy.

Every week she gives her kids a word and they fill out the worksheet. I love the idea but the worksheet had some things that I don't think my kids are quite ready to search for, at least not yet anyway. 
I decided to make my own, more simple version. 

The changes I made are small but I am hoping they work for my 8yo. I want him to copy the word neatly. I also gave him a lot of lines because I think they encourage neatness. At first I just had the words, "synonym" and "antonym" but I realized I had to look them up to figure out which word meant the same and which word meant different. I decided to put that next to the words. I hope that if he reads that EVERY week, when he gets to be my age, he might still actually remember it. 

I need to go get a better dictionary. The one that I have now is only a pocket dictionary and I am not thrilled with it. the print is small, it is difficult to keep the pages open, and there are only definitions. I want more information about the word. 

Until now I have been using Dictionary.com. It is a great site. It shows everything I need. I would like my children to be able to look up a definition or spelling in a good old fashioned dictionary though. 

Although Charlotte Mason recommended delaying grammar lessons until grade 4. I like to think about all that my children will learn from a vocabulary study. Alphabetical order, parts of speech, spelling, and of course, vocabulary. 

I even made a vocabulary study page for my 5yo. It is obviously much more simple and will have more simple words like; keep, month, plenty, tame, etc... He has a Kingfisher, My First Dictionary that we can look up the word in together. I will write the meaning and he can copy the word and then draw a picture. 

I am proud of my pages. Feel free to use them. Maybe even link back here in a comment so I can see how they work for you. 

By the way, I LOVE Notebooking Fairy. If you have not gone to her page yet, GO NOW! She has everything you can possibly imagine for notebooking. We will be using her vocabulary study pages in maybe another year or 2. 

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