Friday, May 18, 2012

My Favorite Things

My favorite thing right now, is my Moby Wrap, baby carrier. The new baby is much more fussy and needy than my other boys ever were. He always wants to be held. Not that I mind. I had a baby because my arms ached to hold one again. The fact is though, I have to get things done. I have to do dishes, laundry, and school with the kids. It is a lot harder to do with a baby in my arms. 

I had tried other carriers with my older children. With my 1st baby, I had a Snugli carrier. It was okay but I could not wear it all the time. It made my back hurt. It was inconvenient. The baby always felt like he would fall out. Since he was a preemie with very little head control, I still had to hold his head with one hand until he was 6 months corrected. 

With my 2nd baby, I got a sling. Everyone raved about these things. It was pretty expensive. When he was 1 week old, I put him in it. His chin was pressed into his chest. I was afraid he could not breathe. And I thought the Snugli hurt my back??? Holy cow!!! The sling killed me and the baby only weighed 8 lbs. How would I carry him as he grew? I used it twice and donated it to a children's consignment store. 

My Sister-in-law told me about her Moby. I had never seen or heard of one. I could not believe how easy it was to use despite looking intimidating. Also, it feels so much more secure than any other carrier I have used. I love how versatile it is too. 

I use it every day. There are many different positions to carry baby in. I change him depending on his mood. No matter how fussy he is, when I strap him in the Moby, he settles right down. I think he feels like he is back in the womb. He is close to my heart, my body warmth, and he is all snug and secure. 

Now, I have 2 free hands to get my chores done or type a blog post. I can push a grocery cart and carry groceries into the house. I also love that if an enthusiastic stranger feels the urge to put her germy hands on my baby, she has to be brave enough to stick her face in my chest. It has not happened yet... Well, not outside of church anyway. I even wore him on a recent flight to visit family. It was a life saver. I was able to breastfeed him discreetly inside the wrap during take off and landing. Then I just moved him up into a hug hold and he slept soundly throughout the flight. 

 So, if you have a baby and you don't have a Moby, go get one now and thank me later. 

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