Monday, June 11, 2012

My Method

One of the hard things about being a military family is that you almost certainly do not live near your extended family. We have family in 5 different states all across the country. It is hard to keep in contact with them all. I started a personal family blog that I use to keep our family updated on the kids. I can upload pictures and tell a little bit about our adventures. It makes the distance between us seem not so far. Also, when we finally can get together the grandparents, aunts, and cousins that have been reading the blog don't feel like strangers. They know what sports the kids play and they know what family trips we have been on. They know what my kids favorite animal was at the zoo.

I used to scrapbook before I started homeschooling. I loved it because it was a record of our life. Our family history, if you will. Now I can use the blog as our history book. At the end of each year I go to Blog2Print. I can upload the whole year into a book. 

My 6yo and I flip through the books all the time. It is nice to see where we have been, things we have done. It is also nice that we are able to share it with our family who is far away. 

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