Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 2 Frustration Setting in Already???

I am not going to lie. It was a tough day. I am glad that I have this blog so I can focus on the positive things that are going on here..... 

  1. Reading went very well today. Twizzler read his whole story to me today without getting frustrated. Skittles is really enjoying his book about Sitting Bull. Today he enlightened us all on how a bow and arrow were made using buffalo intestines. yum.
  2. Hershey napped through most of our seat work so I did not have to entertain a toddler while teaching.
  3.  I was pleasantly surprised when I asked Twizzler which part of the sentences he copied this week were the subject and which parts were the predicate and he knew right away. I know he had a 50/50 shot of getting it right but I will take it. 
  4. Twizzler is learning how to tie his new shoes. He is doing so well. I have learned that he likes to do things on his own timeline but when he is ready, he really takes off.
  5. Hershey loves to sing. Today I was singing one of my favorite songs and he started singing right along with me. 
  6. Skittles did an amazing job giving a narration of our history reading today. I was impressed with the details he was able to recall. 
  7. I went to my first co-op meeting of the school year and signed the kids up for their classes. We have so many fun things planned for the year. It was also wonderful to see my mommy friends and catch up.
Well it was a late night. I finally have all 3 boys asleep in their beds..... 

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