Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Homeschool

'Twas the night before homeschool 
and all through our home, 
Everyone was goofing off,
except for this mom. 

Into the drawers, 
the school supplies were packed. 
Workbinders were filled
and school books were stacked.

Mommy makes sure 
to check everything twice.
Plans must run smooth 
for the year to go nice. 

Finishing up 
Mom bows her head in prayer.
"Lord bless us and lead us
Throughout the coming school year."

 I wrote that a couple of years ago. I changed it up a bit to suit this year. Tonight is the night that I am preparing for a new school year. Here are the happy things that happened today.... 

  1. At church my pastor asked all teachers of public school, preschool, and homeschool to stand so that the church could pray over us. 
  2. The boys got to pick out new sneakers for co-op. Skittles picked bright red and Twizzler picked bright blue. Hershey chose to continue to run barefoot. 
  3. We went to the beach for an hour. The surf was very rough but we braved the waves for a little while. Skittles surfed on his boogie board. Twizzler frolicked in the waves. Hershey and I sat on the edge of the water and let the waves knock us over. 
  4. Skittles and Twizzler decorated their binders with some stickers we picked up on vacation.

  5. I have gone through all the curriculum and we are ready for the new school year tomorrow. YAY!! 

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  1. Good luck this year! I hope everyone does well and you can keep on track without many bumps in the road. I wish I could do what you do because you do it all so darn well! Prayers for a great year
    <3 ya