Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why Men Sweat

If any of you ladies are wondering what it would be like to be a single mom, try putting a child seat on the back of your bike. Good luck figuring out what tools to use. Did you know an 8mm bolt takes a 5/8 wrench? I don't even know if that is right. I finally just got a stack of wrenches in various sizes and tried each one until it fit. Since you are a single mom, there is no one available to keep your toddler from picking up all the bolts and walking around the house with them. If you are lucky, he won't put any in his mouth. Have fun balancing the bicycle with the seat halfway attached and trying to grab the nut that just rolled across the garage. They do make an almost pleasant musical sound as they bounce across the pile of wrenches. Did I mention that the seat is not heavy but when you are trying to hold it up off of the bike and keep the bike from tipping over at the same time..... For the first time in my life, I actually dripped sweat!!! You know, that thing you see your husband do all the time and think.. "Eww.... That is NASTY! Go take a shower." You probably just assume that men sweat more easily than women. NOPE! They are just busting their hump to check things off the honey-do list. Go find that man right now and tell him "Thank you." 

But this is a happy blog.... Here are my happy moments today. 
  1. I successfully attached a child seat onto the back of my bike and took Hershey on his very first bike ride. It felt like a victory lap. I don't mind patting myself on the back. 
  2. I found a case to keep my silverware in while I was standing in the tool aisle at Walmart. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a utensil tray with a lid. Don't ask why I need a lid on my utensil tray. Trust me you don't want to know. 
  3. We did not have any schoolwork today so we were able to just have fun together. 
  4. We had Wendy's for dinner. Twizzler got a stopwatch in his kids meal. He then timed everything that everyone did for the rest of the night. 
  5. Skittles and I had some nice mom to son talks today. I am so glad that my children feel comfortable talking to me. 

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