Monday, October 14, 2013

A Case of the Mondays :(

Blah.... Mondays are so blah... To kill the blah Monday mood this morning we turned on the You Tube channel on our Wii and danced and sang to some Toby Mac and The Newsboys. It was so much fun and really got the blood flowing before we started school.

  1. Twizzler read book 1 of the Bobbsey Twins Series. He did a great job and thought the book was very funny. His conclusion was that they need to keep their dog on a leash. 
  2. Skittles read our science reading to us. We read about David Rittenhouse and his orrery. It was the most accurate device created for measuring the speed and movement of the planets. 
  3. Hershey climbed in my lap and said, "I pooped." Ah, the words every mom wants to hear. At least it is one step closer to potty training. Now that he knows when he needs a change we can start working our way to the potty BEFORE he poops. 

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