Friday, October 25, 2013

Tea Party

This morning I made my lunch for co-op. I packed all the kids bags. I gave my brother-in-law the key to his storage unit. I plopped pork chops into the crock pot and smothered them in barbecue sauce for dinner tonight. Then I left. When I got to co-op I realized I had left all my lesson plans for my preschool class sitting by the door. That was kind of embarrassing. I only had one student today anyway though. Then when I made it back home, I realized I had never actually turned on the crock pot, so those pork chops were sitting out all day. I had to throw them out. On the plus side, I did not have to cook tonight. I took my BIL out to dinner instead. I had 2 free kids meals to Texas Roadhouse so we had a good time anyway.
  1. Skittles and Twizzler played a running game in P.E. It sounded like capture the flag. 
  2. In math Twizzler learned to count by 4s. Skittles learned to make a graph. 
  3. In Art Skittles made a Minecraft jack'o'lantern with construction paper. It looks super cool. 
  4. Twizzler listened to the 3 Little Pigs in Spanish. 
  5. Hershey had a tea party with all of the little girls in the nursery. They set the baby dolls all around the table with one cup and one plate with a treat on it. Then they moved the babies and sat down and ate some real goldfish together. 

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