Monday, October 7, 2013

What is an Oblique Line Segment?

  1. Twizzler is learning how to read and write numbers using words. He did really well. He only got one problem wrong. And since I had no idea what an oblique line segment was either, I figured he did pretty great. 
  2. Skittles read 2 chapters of Snow Treasure today. We realized that we have 10 days left to finish the book and 20 chapters to go. Luckily each chapter is only 2-3 pages long. 
  3. Twizzler read, 'Have You Seen My Cat' by Eric Carle to Hershey and me. When he was done I gave him a high five, "You read an entire book!" He beamed with pride. We are reading through the book list at the end of, 'Teach Your Child to Read'.
  4. We read about the first governor of Boston in history. They have been having trouble paying attention when I read to them so today I told them to bring out their big therapy balls. I told them to sit still as a statue while I read but bounce 3 times whenever they heard me read 'the'. It was a hit. They were able to narrate back to me everything and they had a ball. (Pun totally intended) 
  5. In science we read more about the study of plants and animals in the colonies. We learned the difference between a simple and compound leaf. We looked out our window and decided which leaves were simple and which were compound. It turns out that most plants around us have compound leaves. The only plant we could find that was a simple leaf was the Golden Pothos vine growing on the palm trees. 
  6. Hershey watched through the window while a man painted our back porch. Maybe tomorrow I will give him his paint brush and a cup of water and let him copy what he saw.
I would like to add that we do in fact study every subject daily. If you see that something has been omitted, it is because it is not worth mentioning or does not qualify as a "happy" moment. English and poetry where not really worth mentioning. You can draw your own conclusions as to how spelling went today. 

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