Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dine and Dash

After church, I took the boys out to lunch because we only had 1 hour before our Trail Life meeting and the meeting is between church and our house. We went to Denny's. We all had a lovely lunch. Skittles ate 3 pancakes, 2 sausage links, and 2 eggs. Twizzler ate a cheeseburger, and apple, and egg, and a pancake. Hershey ate 2 pancakes and an egg. I have no idea where they put it. My kids are all thin as broom sticks.

Well, I went up to the front to pay but when I opened up my wallet, my credit card was missing. Sometimes I toss it into my purse so I started looking through my purse. The cashier joked, "I hate when I do that. Sometimes I forget it in my pants pocket." Suddenly my stomach turned. I realized, I HAD LEFT MY CREDIT CARD IN MY PANTS POCKET but I was not wearing my pants. I kind of laughed awkwardly and kept frantically searching my purse hoping it would magically teleport from my bedroom floor to my wallet. I asked the manager if I could step outside and search my van. It was not in there either. Panic set in. I told the boys we were going to be washing dishes....

Oh the walk of shame. Going back into the restaurant FULL of people with my 3 little accomplices trailing behind me. I had enough cash to pay for half of the bill. I tried to offer that and my driver's license to the manager with the promise that I would return. He just sighed deeply. He tucked away the receipt and said, "Just go." I thought, "He thinks I am a criminal. Oh Gosh!!!" I walked to the car repeating over and over, "I can't believe I did that! I can't believe I DID that!" What an example to set for my children.

I had about 10 minutes to get the boys to their meeting and that is a good 2 hours long. Thankfully my Gpa came to the rescue and settled my bill for me so that I could stay for the meeting. I guess I owe him a couple of lunches.

  1. I did not go to jail for stealing food. 
  2. Church was great. I learned to let go of bitterness. That is not easy but God has really been working on me for the past year to forgive people. Letting go of bitterness is part of that. We were given a card to write down the name of someone we feel bitterness toward.... I had a list on mine. Thankfully, they had fire barrels right outside of the church doors for us to toss those cards into. I already feel better. 
  3. Hershey greeted me with a smile at the door. He made a picture where he glued fur onto some camels. He kept petting their fur, clearly proud. 
  4. When I picked up Skittles and Twizzler, we read about the last supper and then we quietly prayed and then they took communion for the first time. It was really very cool. :) 
  5. We made it to Trail Life on time. I love watching my boys run off with their buddies. They sit together, joke together, and learn together. I got to watch them play outside during game time. This program is such a blessing to me. I have spent the last year on my knees praying for God to put Godly men into their lives. This is the answer to prayer that I need, that they need. 
  6. Hershey ran up and down the halls looking for his brothers or anyone who would play with him. Really he was looking for any way at all to stay awake. It was his nap time. 
It was a busy day and I feel a like I am ready to collapse. Of course I came home and cooked dinner, did laundry, cleaned out the guinea pig cage, and I still have a load of diapers to wash, dishes to clean, and the floor to sweep.... Hopefully I will be in bed before midnight tonight. There is a first time for everything right?!?! 

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