Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It is LATE. This is going to be short so I can get into bed.

  1. The boys keep acing their math. They don't get that from me. 
  2. In history we read more about Ben Franklin as a boy. He only went to school for 2 years. The rest of his childhood he was an apprentice and self-taught. He loved to read and he learned by watching others work. 
  3. In science we read about Franklin's work with electricity. 
  4. Skittles is getting his dictation correct every single time.
  5. I was flipping through Twizzler's English notebook today and his writing has improved quite a bit. It is actually legible. It is not perfect but I am no longer struggling to read it. 
  6. Twizzler's overall language skills are improving. He is spelling better, reading better, and writing better. 
  7. Hershey's language skills are improving too. Today when he said, "kuh-koh," for cookie, I said, "Do you want a cookie?" and he loudly repeated, "COOKIE!" perfectly and continued to say it every time. 

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