Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You Know You Are Out of Shape if........

We had a great day today. It probably helped that I started my day off by heading off to the gym. I joined the YMCA this week. I am looking forward to burning off all of the negative energy I have been letting myself stew in for the past few months. You know you are out of shape when you are surrounded by senior citizens and they are all using more weights and doing more reps than you at the gym. I am just going to tell myself that this city is full of the most physically fit 60 and up group of people on the planet.

  1. They did so good in all the subjects today. I have nothing remarkable to say except, 'YAY! we finished in a timely manner." 
  2. We had a great time at church tonight, all of us. I loved the message tonight about when to stop running from God and let Him resurrect you into a new life. It it really fitting for my current circumstances. 
  3. Skittles is working on honesty right now. There have been some occasions where he chose to lie about something small to get out of doing the work. Lately it has been writing his narration for reading. So he had to copy, 

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