Friday, November 1, 2013


  1. In my book club class, I read, "I wish I had Duck Feet" by Dr. Seuss. I asked all the kids what different body part they would like to have. All the boys chose super hero abilities. One boy said, "rocket feet," Another boy said, "Spider shooting hands." Twizzler said, "An Ironman suit." We watched all 3 movies a few weeks ago and both of my older boys have been "flying" around the house and shooting things with their imaginary repulsar hands. 
  2. In my preschool class, we learned about the letter H. Hershey participated once again. He sat so nicely in the chair while I read our alphabet book. Then we all made a house out of the letter H. He even tried out using scissors for the first time ever. They were plastic scissors but he watched the big kids cutting and did his best to mimic them. 
  3. Skittles Math teacher came and asked if there was anything specific that she needs to address with him. I told her that for the past 2 years he always struggled with Math and this year he is getting all As. I feel bad that I put him in the class. I really thought he needed the extra help and maybe he did. They have been working with him on memorizing his math facts and I told her that is probably the best thing for him. 

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