Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little State, Long Name

Today in history, we wrote out the original 13 colonies and their abbreviations. I was disappointed to see that our curriculum did not list the full name of the state that I grew up in. Since both Skittles and Twizzler were born there, I had them write out Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Then I gave a brief history of the state and how it got its name. Rhode Island was the name given to the colony that was started on Aquidneck Island. Providence was the name of the colony started by Roger Williams on the main land. The two colonies merged forming what is now Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Of course it is easier to just call it Rhode Island but I also think that a history lesson should always be correct. That is one of the reasons that I homeschool.

  1. I sat in the room with Twizzler during his math lesson today and helped him to stay focused and reminded him to write out the problems. He got a 95 %.
  2. Skittles wrote a book report for The Indian in the Cupboard. He is hoping that his next book is as fun as that one was. 
  3. Hershey worked on his shapes and colors today. He brought me his puzzles and excitedly exclaimed, "Do school! Do school!"

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