Tuesday, January 14, 2014

English for All Y'all, Yous, and Yuns

We tried to go to park day today but we showed up 15 minutes late to an empty playground. I let the kids run around for a little while but it soon started to sprinkle on us so we came back home and hit the books.

  1. In history, we read about Washington's last battle. To keep the kids interested, they said, "Woo hoo!" Whenever we read the name Washington and "BOO!" whenever we read the name Cornwallis. They came up with that on their own by the way. 
  2. In science we talked about life cycles of insects, specifically butterflies. I wish our poor butterflies had made it all the way through their life cycles. They drew the life cycle in their science notebook. 
  3. In English, we are learning about plural and singular nouns. There is so much about this language that I take for granted. It really is a complex language. We learned that 'you' can be plural or singular, a fact that sometimes frustrates me. I studied French in high school and college and I like that they have different words for plural and singular 'you.' I guess you could say that some Americans have tried to correct this fault by inventing words like, "y'all" and "yous." I have family who even used the word, "yuns." Oh but I digress.. 

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