Friday, January 17, 2014

Music, Maps, and Minecraft

Today was co-op day.

  1. Today I taught music with the K-2nd graders. I was dreading it because I had a headache but the kids were so attentive. They really seemed to enjoy it. Our theme was trains. We read a train book, danced to train music, and made a train craft. 
  2. Skittles worked with clay today in art. He made Minecraft characters of course. They really were pretty amazing.
  3. Then I taught the preschool class for letter of the week. We made an M with a map. Hershey was disappointed that I would not allow him to use the scissors so he lost interest in the craft project. He did return for our bible verse and colored on his letter Mm handwriting paper. 
  4. Skittles Excellence in writing teacher told me that he is doing great. He is very quick with his answers. Now we just have to go find the book he is reading... :/ 
  5. After lunch both boys went to history and learned about Helen Keller. They were both very touched by her story. 
Today's blog post was brought to you by the letter M. ;) 

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