Monday, January 27, 2014


SIL and I survived another day in a tiny apartment with 6 kids. LOL

  1. Today we started with English because it has been the hardest subject for us to get through recently. Getting it out of the way right away worked out really well. 
  2. After English, math, and reading were done, I let the boys have a play break. The weather outside was just too nice to keep them locked inside. I even cleaned off the back patio and let the toddlers play out there. 
  3. The tots played with cars on the car rug for a while. Then it got quiet and I realized they were experimenting with the plants. Luckily they just helped motivate me to transplant my Christmas cactus into its permanent home. 
  4. In history we read about Daniel Boone building the wilderness road. Then we made lists of things we would find in a rural area and things we would find in an urban area. I asked them if we live in an urban area or rural area. They said urban. I asked them what kind of animals you find in an urban area. My kids responses, "lizards, frogs, alligators." LOL.... Can you tell we live in Florida?
  5. Speaking of Florida, I sang, "My Florida Alphabet" today. Hershey sang along with me a little bit. 
  6. The kids claim that they have learned to fly from their science book. I hope they don't test that theory... hmmmmm.... They are being quiet. I should really go check on them. 

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