Sunday, January 26, 2014

Guest Blogger

Happy dance! I have a guest blogger tonight! :) SIL asked me if I was blogging and I said no because I could not think of one single thing to say. She said she could think of 12. LOL..... so here she goes.

  1. I got to sleep in this morning because my fabulous SIL got up and took my littlest dolly. Apparently they hung out with Hershey and watched Thomas.
  2. Hershey asked and managed to go on the potty for the third day in a row. Insisting his mama gave him a high five promptly there after. Too cute!
  3. SIL broke out the photo albums and Boo was so excited to see pictures of her and Auntie she kept shouting "Come see Auntie, Come see!"
  4. I enjoyed watching Skittles learning to ride his skateboard this afternoon. It's a skill I have never managed to master so I am always quite in awe to see him whizzing back and forth effortlessly.
  5. Hershey picked up a game controller and enjoyed spending guy time with his big brother Skittles "playing" Xbox, totally unaware he had no influence over the game.
  6. Hershey climbed up in his mama's lap and drifted off in to a sweet peaceful sleep at bedtime. I love seeing a baby look so content in his mother's arms.
  7. I learned my lap is big enough to hold all 6 of my favorite kiddos. I can't honestly say that nobody got squished in the making of that picture. lol.
  8. All the cousins have gotten along well and played happily together this afternoon. It is my sincere hope they are building bonds that will last a lifetime and carry them through their adulthood.
  9. Auntie finally heard my kiddos say, "please" to her. 
  10. My major parenting triumph this month is teaching my children 3 different bible verses. I am quite surprised my 2 year old has even managed to accomplish this task.
  11. Sonshine managed to correctly identify the color green today.
  12. Me and SIL have successfully made it to the end of the day with all children calm and quiet in their beds/bedrooms. Nothing to be sniffed at then 4 of the 6 are under 4 and we are fighting against a nasty bout of hand, foot and mouth.
Well that's it for me. Goodnight all.

She is pretty good at this right? I need to get her going on her blog again. 

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