Friday, January 24, 2014

Co-op Shmo-op

This morning Twizzler woke up with a headache. He was so sad. He cried because he thought he would miss school. I gave him some Motrin and had him lie down with his eyes closed while the rest of us got ready. He felt better by the time we started to load up into the car. 
  1. I taught my preschool music class today. It was extra fun because my nieces and nephew got to join us. We learned about cars. Hershey had a great time. 
  2. Twizzler felt good enough to participate in PE. They played tag. 
  3. Skittles played a game about Noah and his family in his writing class. 
  4. I taught about the letter 'N' in my letter of the week class. We made a nest with birds for to put on our N tree. Hershey was not too interested in participating. 
  5. Twizzler wrote a sentence in handwriting. Something like, "She has short hair."
  6. Skittles started a project in art but did not have time to finish it. Then he played basketball in gym. 

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