Thursday, January 23, 2014

Email Fail

Oh it was a crazy day. My amazing SIL took care of all 6 of our kids today while I went to a meeting at church. I came home to a clean house, 6 happy kids eating lunch, and school work finished. That is right, she did the boys school work with them. I got all my materials together for co-op tomorrow. I picked up some friends to take to soccer. The plan was that after soccer, SIL and I were going to run to the store to get some baby things. Then we were going to go to dinner at Chik-Fil-A. While I was at soccer, I found out that the spelling bee that Skittles was signed up for was tonight! I would have known that if I had a) put the date on my calendar the day I signed him up up or b) read my email AT ALL this week.. UGH... MOMMY FAIL and FRIEND FAIL! I had given friends a ride to soccer and now had no idea how to get them home. I had to get Skittles over to the spelling bee. I had to feed all these kids dinner! I had not sat down with Skittles and looked at the spelling list in days. SIL stepped in and gave my friends a ride home and missed both dinner and the bee.

  1. Skittles spelled 4 words correctly in the spelling bee.
  2. Twizzlers team won in soccer. 
  3. Hershey learned how to share a lightsaber with his cousins. 
Now I am going to fill up some sippy cups and read a bed time story to all these great kids. 

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