Friday, February 21, 2014

Alarm Clock Fail

I woke up 30 minutes before I had to be at co-op to teach my first class. Thankfully I had almost everything ready to go before I went to bed. I just had to get Hershey and I dressed and out the door. He was still asleep and less than thrilled to be undressed, changed, redressed, and strapped into a carseat.

  1. Mountain Dew in hand, I did manage to teach my music class. We learned about horses. We danced to "Old Brass Wagon," read Seabiscuit the Wonder Horse, and made paper rocking horses. Twizzler made a blue spotted horse. 
  2. Twizzler learned the months and seasons in his math class. 
  3. Skittles learned about Moses and the burning bush in his writing class. 
  4. Hershey made a queen out of the letter Q in my letter of the week class. Our bible verse was 'Quench not the spirit.' which I admit I had to look into to find out what it meant. It means that the holy spirit is burning like a fire and we should not do let the fire go out. 
  5. Skittles made an Ironman in his art class. 
  6. After lunch the boys went out and rode their scooters with their friends. Hershey tried to chase them. Poor kid wants a scooter so bad. 
  7. When we came home Hershey took a nap and the big boys watched the Hobbit while I got to work on some sewing projects that I have been letting pile up. We opened the back door and listen to a passing thunder storm. It was very relaxing. 

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