Tuesday, February 18, 2014

President's Day

  1. We got math done and worked on the presidents projects before we headed off to the park. 
  2. At the park I got a tip from a fellow homeschool mom about a fun app for the boys to practice their math facts. 
  3. I saved a bunch of money on my groceries with my coupons. I know that has nothing to do with school but it made me happy. 
  4. The boys finished up their projects and did their English assignments while I cooked dinner.
  5. They did an AMAZING job on their projects. 
Skittles did his presentation on Abraham Lincoln. He read 3 different books and gathered facts to write his speech and make his poster board. He also dressed up as old honest Abe. 

Twizzler did his presentation on John F. Kennedy. We read A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy. He dictated his speech to me and picked out pictures and facts to go on his poster board. He also dressed up like JFK. 

I am so proud of these boys. Not long ago, I would give them an assignment like this and I had to do a lot of the work and spend a lot of my time "motivating" them. This time though, they did almost everything themselves. They picked out the books, the facts, the photos, even the color poster board they would use. I was very impressed with their determination, creativity, and their speeches. 

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