Friday, March 28, 2014

And Then?

I have begun to correct Skittles grammar and writing in his narrations for reading. He finds this frustrating because I had not done so in the past. I think it is important to create good writing habits. I am trying to get him to find the important parts of the reading and write about it. He is reading Henry and Ribsy. Today his narration read, 
Henry figured out that ribsy just wanted to watch the garbage. cause when scooter got henry's bike to fix ribsy barked at scooter. so henry's fishing trip with his dad was saved. 

You can imagine my confusion. I had him give me an oral narration on the reading which was much more descriptive and made more sense but it was long and had many unnecessary details. I asked him the title of the chapter. "Henry and the Garbage," He replied. I instructed him to focus on that. So we tried again but focused on the garbage story line. I admit it took a bit of prompting from me. Every time he completed a sentence I would ask, "And then?"  Here is what I got,
Henry and the garbage
Henry's new job is to take out the garbage. Ribsy thinks it is his job to protect the garbage because he thinks it is Henry's. Ribsy bit the garbage man to protect the garbage. The garbage man stopped coming. The garbage bag over floed and the can top would not go on. Two dogs came and scattered the garbage everywhere. Henry and his dad cleaned up the mess. Henry's dad made a deal if Henry clipped the lawn his dad would take out the garbage. they would put ribsy in the basement when the garbage man came. 
I did send him back to correct the grammar errors but I am happy with this narration.
  1. I asked Hershey, "What does a duck say?" He replied, "kack, I ah duck." 
  2. Twizzler wrote a postcard to his Auntie Boo. I hope to get it out in the mail tonight. 
  3.  It only took Skittles 3 tries to get his paper perfect. I would call that a success.
  4. Skittles and Twizzler have been playing "Stack the States" on their tablets. I love that they are not playing Minecraft for once but the best part is, they are learning stuff. 

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