Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY Cloth Training Pants in 10 Steps

So here it is by popular demand.. ;) Okay my sister asked me to show her. LOL. Either way, if you want to see how I made Hershey's training pants, here ya go.

First, the tools you will need;

  1. PUL fabric or fleece. I used PUL because it is more waterproof that way I can use these at night after he is day trained. You can get PUL from Joann's fabric. 
  2. FOE elastic. You can get this at Joann's also. It is near the PUL. Babyville makes both. 
  3.  A prefold. I used a REALLY thick Econobum prefold but you can use whatever you have on hand. 
  4.  A rotary cutter and mat. You don't HAVE to have these. I mean, you can use a pair of scissors but I had to use a lot of pressure to cut through the prefold and I can't imagine having to do that with scissors. 
  5. I also had a needle and thread, sewing machine, and lots of pins. 
Here we go.
Step 1: I cut my PUL so that it is just about 2 inches longer than my prefold but no wider.
Step 2: Then I cut out leg notches. You can probably eyeball it. I used a newborn diaper pattern as a template. I left 4 inches on the top and bottom. Be sure to leave it a bit wider in the back. 
Step 3: Then I cut out around the legs but I left about an inch around so that I could fold it over onto the diaper. 

Step 4: I cut the PUL halfway to the fabric in about 1-2 inch increments so that I could fold it over easily and pin it in place.

Step 5: I sewed everywhere that was pinned in a zig zag stitch. 
Step 6: I cut 2 pieces of FOE about 2/3 the width of the diaper. 
Step 7: I folded the FOE around the front and back. I stitched them on with the zigzag stitch as well, pulling as I sewed so that it stretched from end to end. 
Step 8: ( I didn't realize there were so many steps. LOL) I folded the ends together and stitched them. WARNING
I broke TWO needles on this part. I learned I needed a stronger needle to get through all this fabric. I suggest making sure you have a strong needle and/or just stitching from the elastic down. and then hand stitching the elastic. 
Step 9: I used my rotary cutter and trimmed off the excess fabric. 
Step 10: (because I like having a nice round number) Turn your training pants right side out and marvel at our craftiness. Revel in your crunchiness. Delight in your thriftiness. 

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