Sunday, March 2, 2014


We had a busy and exhausting day. :)
  1. We went to church this morning. I armed myself with an iced coffee and went in to worship. It was awesome. I love my church. The message today was AWESOME. When someone is in the dark, telling them, "Hey you are in the dark," is not helpful. What is helpful is shining a light. We need to focus on ourselves instead of pointing out to other people what we think is wrong with them. 
  2. The big kids learned about when Moses parted the red sea. "Actually, God parted the red sea. He gave Moses the power to do it," explained Skittles. 
  3. When I picked up Hershey, they mentioned that he might be ready to go to the 2 year old class on Sunday. I told them that this was his last Sunday in that room anyway because he will be 2 in 2 weeks and we are not going to be there next week. My baby is growing up. They gave him hugs and he blew goodbye kisses. 
  4. I had a gift card to IHOP so the kids and I went there for lunch. We bumped into a friend from church and got to visit for a few minutes. When we were done eating the waiter told us that he was not able to print us a check because someone else had already paid our bill. Our friend had been sneaky and paid it for us. :) The boys were AMAZED. Talk about letting your light shine. That left a real impression on them. They thought it was very cool. I did too. 
  5. The big kids went to Trail Life. Twizzler learned how to build a fire at least theoretically. I am told they did not start a real fire. Skittles learned about how a bill is made. They both got to try some coconut. That was pretty exciting to them. For some reason Skittles has been asking to try that for a long time. 
  6. I had to take Hershey shoe shopping because I noticed yesterday that his shoes were bursting at the seams. He has been wearing a size 5 so I tried cramming his foot into a size 6. It was too small. I tried a size 7 and was stunned to see it fit. He is probably really a 6 1/2 but since they don't make half sizes for toddlers and he is growing so fast, I got him the 7s. He picked out some that have the Avengers. He refused to take them off. He wore them out of the store. He talked about the Hulk and Ironman all the way to our friend's house.
  7. We went for a scooter ride before dinner. All 3 boys on each of their scooters. I love hanging out with these kids!

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