Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No Comparison

Today I found a blog by a mom whose sons are the same age as mine. She uses the same curriculum that I do also. I found her post about the same unit we covered last week. I looked at it for a few minutes before I realized she does this way better than I do. WOW!

Here is her link, Monarch Room.

Here is our version.
We didn't do the art project because we do art at co-op.
Here are our trees.

We won't bring up the FAIL that was supposed to be our Johnnycakes.
We didn't do the cool pirate ship thing.
Here are our fox prints.... Minus the foxes..  
 (image missing)
Our flowers turned out okay.... Right?
We just read the poems. We have a separate writing program.
We write the vocabulary in composition notebooks with pages labeled in alphabetical order.
Here is one of Skittle's words, skirmish.

Here is Twizzler's word, duel.

I love the muscles on the big guy.

I love the notebooking pages that she uses on Monarch room. I literally use notebook paper. Her children clearly have inherited her artistic abilities and neatness. My kids have inherited my simplicity? LOL. Let's not go there. They do a good job though.
  1. Twizzler tried out a new app for math today, Splash Math. He liked it. I started him off with something easy to boost his confidence. He did great. 
  2. Skittles made brownies for dessert basically on his own. I stood in the kitchen and told him how to approach each step and to keep him safe. The brownies were delicious! 
  3. Hershey can say "thank you" and "you're welcome" but he gets the two mixed up. When I handed him his cup tonight he said, "Bow come." I corrected him, "No, YOU say, 'Thank you.' I say, 'You're welcome.'" He looked at me puzzled and said, "Tay too, bow come" I let it go. He will get it.

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  1. Go Skittles! I wish I could try them!
    Also LOLing about Hershey getting confused about that.