Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snail Mail

  1. G-pa read their science reading about traveling by boat in pioneer times. We did a science experiment to learn how the inside of a boat stays dry. We stuffed a napkin into the bottom of a cup and then held the cup upside down in the water. The napkin stayed dry. 
  2. Both boys did a retake of their previous math that they failed yesterday. With Gpa's help they both got As. 
  3. "In history they read about John Audubon hunting a panther with his neighbor. The panther was killing the dogs. He got hunters with their dogs to capture 'the beast,' They called it a beast but it really wasn't and they saw it up in a tree and they shot it. A hunter shot it with his bullet. And then the panther leaped off the tree." -Twizzler
  4. Hershey has learned compassion both of his brother's and I have cried tonight. He is quick to run over and give any sad person a big hug. 
  5. Twizzler loved giving his narration for me to type so much that he asked me to dictate his reading for him tonight. 
"In the beginning Toad never gets a letter and Frog sent him a letter. He gave it to the snail which was the mail man. And the snail didn't get there on time. Frog and Toad sat on the porch and they waited and when the snail arrived, he got the letter from Frog and that was all." 

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