Friday, March 14, 2014

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

We had co-op today. The boys take the same classes or at least similar ones but not at the same time.

  1. In art Skittles made a pipe cleaner cross. Twizzler made a St. Patrick's day mask. 
  2. In writing Skittles and Twizzler made a bible story about David and Goliath. 
  3. In P. E. they played kickball. 
  4. Hershey danced to airplane songs in my music class. 
  5. Hershey colored a toucan to sit on the letter 'T' in my letter of the week class. 
When I got home I made a birthday cake for Hershey. Tomorrow he will be 2 years old. sniff sniff. I can't believe my baby is getting so big. 

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