Monday, March 10, 2014

The Sisterhood of the March Mommies

Nearly 3 years ago, when I found out I was pregnant with Hershey, I joined an online support group for moms due in March 2012. I expected to make a few anonymous friends to discuss the ups and downs of pregnancy with. I honestly thought that once we had our babies we would probably part ways because we would be busy focusing on our newborns. I never in a million, trillion years could have imagined the friendships that I would forge with these women. Instead of growing farther apart when our babies came, we grew closer together. We have carried each other through some very devastating situations. I have cried for and with them. They have carried me through so much... We have also rejoiced together too during really amazing times. And whenever something funny happens, I just want to hop online and tell my March Mommies about it. Nothing is sacred. We know all of our own dirty little secrets, our most embarrassing moments, and our deepest feelings. We have become a sisterhood. We are no longer anonymous either. We traded in our screen names a little over a year ago and reformed our group on facebook. I have also been blessed to actually meet 4 of my March friends in person with their March babies. The one thing that I can conclude with authority is that this group of ladies officially gave birth to the cutest babies that ever lived. ;) If you don't believe me, here is proof. 

Trust me, their faces are even cuter! 

Today I drove 2 hours to meet up with 3 of the March Mommies and their families. It was sooo worth it. We all had so much fun. We raced go-karts, played arcade games, and the big boys played mini golf. It felt like a family reunion. 
  1. Hershey woke up dry this morning but he did not want to go potty. I was in a rush to get going so I did not force the issue. I put him in a disposable diaper and left. 2 hours later we got to the arcade and I noticed his pants were wet. I didn't think he could leak in a sposie. I was WRONG. He had filled that diaper. It weighed more than he does. I threw it away and stood him up on the changing table to take his shirt off of him because it was soaked in pee. He started peeing again. There was a BIG puddle on the changing table. What can you do when that is happening. I tried to hold a diaper on him but to no avail. I asked my mom friend who was in the bathroom, "Can you hand me some TP?" She brought out a tiny bit.. I said, I am going to need more than that. LOL. PEE EVERYWHERE! So my child spent the rest of the day in a raggedy homemade romper and sneakers without socks. 
  2. Skittles got to drive his own go-kart. He seems to think that he was the first car to the finish line. 
  3. I had to drive Twizzler because he was just about 2 inches too short to drive his on kart. It was secretly awesome because obviously, I got to go on a go-kart but also, I got to ride with him right beside me and hear him laughing and so joyful. 
  4. Unfortunately we had a VERY slow kart. I think the slowest on the track. Skittles asked me, "Did you have the pedal pushed down all the way?" "Yes son, It was to the floor." He asked, "Did you pick a good line?" ROFL!!! I had no idea he knew so much about racing. Maybe he did win. 
  5. While in the arcade, I looked down to put my soda in the stroller and when I looked up Hershey had bolted. I chased after him through the sea of adults and found him sitting on a motorcycle game. I have no idea how he got up there so fast. 
  6. I gave each boy a card with $5 worth of tokens to spend. The first thing they wanted to spend them on was the rollercoaster ride. It was $3 per ride. They took turns paying for it and riding together. You could hear them squealing excitedly through the whole room. 
  7. Hershey had seen how his big brothers swiped the cards so when the money had been spent, they discarded them but Hershey picked them up. He tried swiping them in all the games. He is so smart. He was calling the card, "Monies." How can a child who is not even 2 understand that swiping a card is the same as money???
  8. I got to go to Pollo Tropical on the way home. If you have never tried them, go. It is the best fast food in the world! 
  9. I was only 30 minutes late to my DC4K class. I am so glad I went though. We learned some good lessons today about our feelings. 
  10. The BEST thing about being gone all day long is that I did not have ANY housework to do when I got home!